At a glance
> Reservoir : 27,8 hm3 - 421 ha
>  Main dam : 1455m long - 14m high
> Design flow of the power plant : 980 m3/s
> Installed capacity : 420 MW (7 x 60 MW)
> Commissioning by 2022

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Stages of the procedure of a complaint


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All complaints and queries are a priori admissible. Complaints may be issued in writing, orally (face to face, telephone, SMS) or through an intermediary, in all local languages ​​of the project area, as well as in the official languages ​​(French and English ). They are reported on a form, recorded in a register of complaints and societal database project. A receipt is given to the applicant.

After saving the complaint, the Requests and Complaints Management Officer examines its admissibility. Only complaints that relate directly to the commitments, activities, impacts, as well as the responsibility and the mandate to the project are eligible.

An investigation will be conducted once the complaint or request has been deemed eligible to determine whether the complaint is valid.

Once the complaint substantiated, it will be treated by the Project.

A Mediation Committee will be available to the complainant is not satisfied with the treatment provided by the Project.

The Appeal Committee will be available as a last resort amicably if the complainant was not satisfied with the solution proposed by the Mediation Committee.